• College preparatory school program for grades 6-12     Monday-Thursday, 9-3

BAEC offers  a unique possibility for grades 6-12 education. We seek to awaken and energize our students’ learning capacities through understanding and cultivating what makes them want to learn. Our program of study is both developmentally appropriate and rigorous. Its offerings develop the traditional classroom’s skill sets as well as “soft skills” in a variety of academic and real world contexts. These skills then become a foundation for an ever broadening set of opportunities which include traditional academic disciplines, student chosen independent and group studies, mentorships and learning experiences both in nature and the surrounding community. We specialize in seeing each student deeply and helping them to create a program of study in which their individual goals and dreams can be realized. It is often by recognizing young people as the builders, explorers, chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, readers, animal lovers, musicians, doodlers, performers, gardeners, artists, organizers, and athletes they already are that it is possible to kindle or quicken a self-initiating and lifelong appetite for learning and achievement. Our school program is for students who want something more. It is exciting and challenging, yet also supportive.

BAEC is a nexus of academy, laboratory, incubator, vantage point and ecosystem where individual students are given significant freedom to design their own course of study within and in collaboration with a community of learners while concurrently creating a transcript of coursework impressive to the most selective colleges and universities should that be their goal. By meeting each young person’s natural curiosity and full humanity and by restoring connections between students and the many worlds outside the classroom, BAEC aims to develop youth who are enlivened, engaged  and highly capable in life as well as school.

  • Tutoring (all grades levels)     Monday-Thursday, 3:30-7:00

At some point almost all students need some extra support. We offer academic tutoring for all subjects and all learning styles. Whether your student needs help with  AP Chemistry, is struggling in math and science, has a hard time focusing on humanities, or just needs patience and guidance to unlock the magic of reading, BAEC is a place where they can excel. We do not believe studying and tutoring are simply about finding correct answers. At BAEC we provide the support and resources for students to discover how developing a new pattern of getting things right can change their experience of themselves and school.

  • Enrichment classes grades 6-12     Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3:30-7:00

Often the best learning is not done in the classroom and many young people’s dreams do not begin or end at academics. BAEC’s network of instructors and classes offer students a variety of curricular and experiential classes, which allow them to discover and practice what they love. We offer:

·      Band and individualized music lessons

·      Art (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Creative Writing, Theatre and Film, and multi-media studies)

·      Internship design and support

·      Permaculture and Environmental studies

·      No stress test taking

·      Adventure and Outdoor Education and Trips

·      Public Speaking

·      Science and Entrepreneurship programs

·      Web-design 

  • Adult Education   Evenings and Weekends

Our 2018 offerings will be posted in mid December. Please check back! Or email us with any inquiries or questions.